International Neurosurgeon's Circle
International Neurosurgeon's Circle
The INC is a group of doctors specializing in academic exchange among world-renowned specialists in neurosurgery. Professors contracted by INC's academic department are all chairman-level members of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) and various international academic organizations of neurological surgery. Some are editors-in-chief of the world's leading professional journals of neurosurgery and others are masters of neurosurgery who gave their name to surgical techniques or anatomical structures that are found in neurosurgery textbooks today. They have made tremendous contributions to the world of neurosurgery in their respective fields, and their surgical experience and technical skills enjoy supreme academic status. INC is committed to promotion and improvement of neurosurgical techniques as well as to exchange and cooperation between China and the world. INC targets high-profile clients and highly difficult cases in order to provide ultimate diagnoses and surgery plans.
International Neurosurgeon's Circle
International Neurosurgeon's Circle
WANG (World Advisory Neurosurgical Group) is a group of the world's leading neurosurgical professors under INC. They are specialized masters of neurosurgery from various countries who are renowned worldwide for their superior surgical skills and talents. The group only invites professors of neurosurgery whose individual clinical surgery and diagnostic techniques reach the highest level in the various fields of neurosurgery. The group is a world-class team of neurosurgery masters, which has strict standards to nominate or replace members.
Our Service
  • International treatment

    Cutting edge international treatment, gain prolonged life expectancy and improved quality of life

  • International remote consultation via email

    Second medical opinion by international professors, obtain a more scientific treatment plan

  • International video consultation

    Consult an international professor on your disease via video conference and obtain a better treatment plan

  • Face-to-face consultation

    Cutting edge international treatment, gain prolonged life expectancy and improved quality of life

We treat these diseases
Gliomas, brain stem cavernous hemangiomas, epilepsy, pineal tumors, glioblastomas, optic nerve gliomas, acoustic neuromas, meningiomas, pituitary tumors, spinal cord tumors, chordomas, cerebral aneurysms。
Our specialties
1. We are professional medical group led by the world's 14 most leading neurosurgical experts.

2. INC is a hub that links and facilitates Chinese and international academic exchange in the field of neurosurgery and is committed to promoting the exchange and mutual progress of outstanding domestic and foreign neurosurgeons.

3. The members of the World Advisory Neurosurgical Group (WANG) under the leadership of INC provide cutting edge treatment plans for domestic patients with complicated brain tumors or unsatisfying treatment results and ceaselessly labors to improve people's lives.
Our Mission
We guide, educate, and train young neurosurgeons worldwide. We also strengthen and promote the neurosurgical academic and technical exchange between China and the world. We support the Chinese clinical neurosurgical development. We jointly study and invent new approaches and techniques of new techniques of neurosurgery. Finally, we solve cases that are presently impossible to solve. By combining the expertise and knowledge of the leading specialists in different fields of neurosurgery, we carry out a complete and comprehensive diagnosis and surgical analysis of a single neurosurgical case from different angles. In collaboration with each other, we provide the most authoritative and ultimate diagnosis in order to achieve the best surgical treatment results in the world.
Our Vision
To promote innovation and development of new clinical techniques in the field of neurosurgery worldwide; to actively train young neurosurgeons and to support clinicians who concentrate on the improvement of clinical techniques and who ceaselessly nurture their academic ethos; to assist outstanding Chinese neurosurgeons; to conduct academic and technical exchanges with leading neurosurgeons from all over the world; to improve the standard of clinical surgery, diagnosis and treatment of neurosurgery in China.
Our Values
To uphold a spirit of constant refinement, of overcoming obstacles, and of brave innovation; to adhere to the pursuit of excellent clinical surgery techniques as the core goal; to cure diseases and save humans with the most advanced technology.